Return of the King

When the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton, first arrived in the UK in 2017, there was much discussion of the founder father's story being translated across the Atlantic. A handful of lines were altered in order to explain to the less knowledgeable Brits some of the nuances of the story, such as the role of John... Continue Reading →

Weighing anchor…Part 2

Between 1995 and 2003, a collection of musicians were brought together, under the eye of fiddler Aly Bain and guitarist Jerry Douglas, to explore the musical relationships that span the North Atlantic. Broadcast jointly between the BBC and RTÉ, The Transatlantic sessions brought together the unique sounds of Irish, Scots, English, Gaelic, Cajun, Breton, Appalachian... Continue Reading →

Weighing anchor… Part 1

Looking back at this blog, I don't know whether beginning writing in June 2020 will induce an eye-roll or not. This year of coronavirus is momentous. enough, but the ruptures in the fabric of society left by the Black Lives Matter movement of recent weeks has opened up a new sense of social engagement for... Continue Reading →

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